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Upcoming Events

  • Regional Conference on "Climate Change and Aviation Industry" tentatively planned for April 2012.
    Fifth Annual General Assembly to be held in April 2012.


Current/Recenet Events

  • The ETMS has commenced its preparation to held its fifth Annual Regular General Assembly together with the Second Scientific Conference whose them would be released as soon as possible.
  • ETMS visited China Meteorological Society in November 2011.


Past Events

  • The ETMS hold its first second, third and fourth Annual Regular General Assembly, respectively in July 2007, in October 2008, in December 2009 and in February 2011.
  • The ETMS also held the first Scientific Conference on “Climate change and Variability and it’s Impacts on Ethiopia and Eastern Africa on 16 October 2008.
  • The proceeding s has been published and distributed to members and to concerned ones.