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The purpose of Journal of ETMS (JETMS) is to publish original papers of scientific discoveries and new findings, and review papers of advances of understanding in meteorology and related sciences. With the enhanced reputation as an international journal in the meteorological science community, the journal is committed to ensure peer review and to develop world-wide distribution. The types of manuscripts accepted are Scientific Articles, Notes and Correspondence, and Invited Review Articles.

The journal have the following area of conents:

  • General meteorology
  • Weather forecasting and climate prediction (Statistical, Dynamics, NWP)
  • Climate change (Scientific background, projection, impact, extremes, adaptation and mitigation)
  • Applied meteorology (Agro-meteorology, Aviation meteorology, hydrometeorology, Urban-climatology, air-pollution, Bio-climatology, Water Resources, Tourism meteorology)
  • Economic and social value of meteorology
  • Environmental related-issues

In order to edit and publish the journal, the Ethiopian Meteorological Society has established an Editorial Committee comprising the Editor-in-Chief, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Editors. All members of the Editorial Committee shall be nominated by the Society’s Executive Board members. The JETMS Editorial Committee meets every two months, and its decision regarding publication is final. The Manager of the Society is responsible for management of the journal.

Full Journal Policy document