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The Ethiopian Meteorological Society (ETMS) is established in January 2007. It has also been re-registered in January 2010 according to the proclamation No.621/2009 of the Charity Organization and Societies of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic.




  • Contribute to the promotion of the improvement and modernization of the science of meteorology, hydrology and atmospheric sciences in the country;
  • Create awareness among the public regarding the benefit of meteorological science and to ensure that researchers and students would have access to meteorological information;
  • Create communication with similar societies in the country and abroad, with a view to exchanging appropriate new technologies and knowledge;
  • Cooperate with Regional and International Centers that deal with the science of Meteorology, Hydrology and Atmospheric sciences, with a view to improving the Meteorological services in the country;
  • Ensure that the services of the meteorological and allied sciences are playing great role in promoting the socio-economic developments in the country; and
  • Promote close association among the members of the ETMS.

Organizatitional Structure

The ETMS organizational structure consists of:-
• General Assembly,
• Auditor,
• Executive Committee,
• Office staffs
• ETMS Branches
• Standing Committee



The General Assembly

  • The General assembly is the supreme body of the society ,and therefore , approves and endorses the guidelines of the society;
  • Appoints the Auditor and members of the Executive committee members ;
  • Guides, controls,and monitors all the activities of the society through the Auditor , and
  • Elects and appoints a chair person,a vice chairperson and a secretary, who are designated to lead the General Assembly as well as control and monitor all the activities of the ETMS for two years




    • The auditor controls and monitors all the financial and other activities in accordance with the guidelines of the ETMS and reports to the General Assembly.




The Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee ensures that all the activities of the ETMS are properly carried out in accordance with the guidelines and annually reports to the General Assembly ;
  • Elects and places the Manager,the chief accountant,the cashier and the secretary of the ETMS Office and informs to the Leaders of the General Assembly ; and
  • Ensures that financial resources are available for properly carrying out the activities of the ETMS.

Office Staff Members

  • The office staff members are appointed by the executive committee and have General Manager, Cheif Accountant, Casher and Secretary.


Standing Committees




There are currently two ETMS branches at Adama in the Oromiya Regional State and the Arba Minch University (AMU). Besides; there are ETMS members at all Meteorological Branch Directorates (MBDs) that include Adama, Mekele, Bahir Dar, Semera, Assosa, Gambella, Hawassa, Jigiga, Combolcha, Jimma and Bale Robe.

Branch Office Rules



Membership shall be on voluntary basis and the society shall have regular meteorologists and other related professionals as well as students and any interested Organizations and or Institutions associated with the works of meteorology, hydrology and allied sciences. The categories of membership are Regular, Student, Organization and Honourary.. Membership is approved by the General Assembly of the Society or by the Executive Committee as delegated by the General Assembly. As of June 2011 membership stands at 220.

Membership form



ETMS Training and Research Committee


The objective for which the Training and Research Committees is established is to fulfill the relevant goals of ETMS which is stipulated in Article 3 of the Statute as well as the ETMS Training & Research policy. Guided by the Training &Research policy the committee will:

  • Develop and establish priorities for the Training Research programmes of ETMS
  • Explore/contact/establish national and international cooperation Modalities for carrying out these Training and Research programmes of ETMS
  • In collaboration with the Fund Raising Committee of ETMS mobilize resources from national as well international cooperating partners and institutions for the implementation of the training and research activities.
  • Select capable professionals to carry out the research activities approved for implementation.
  • Develop modalities between ETMS and cooperating and funding partners for each Training and research activity.
  • Establish Training Programmes and guidelines for the award of fellowships and scholarship.
  • Explore research fellowships at national and international levels for young Scientists engaged in fields relevant to the work of ETMS.
  • Submit periodic reports to the Executive committee of ETMS
  • Carry out additional activities the committee feels necessary to advance the Training and Research objectives of ETMS
  • Develop criteria for the selection of candidates for the award of fellowships & Scholarships. Based on this criteria select and submit names of candidates for each fellowships and scholars to ETMS office