April 2022 (Monthly Agrometeorologicals)

In the coming month of May 2022, the meteorological forecast information indicates that the seasonal rainfall activity is expected to continue most parts of the country specially southern and western half of Belg rainfall benefiting areas of the country. In line with this, Oromia region of eastern and western Wellega, Jimma, Ilubabor, All zones of shewa, eastern and western Harerge, Arsi, Bale,Borena Guji, Addis Ababa, Dire dewa, Harery, Gambella, All zones of Benshangul, , Amhara region of south and north Wello, north shewa, western and eastern Gojam, Bahir dar zuria, Agew awi, north and south Gonder, all zones of Tigray region, Afar region of zone 3, 4 and 5, SNNPR zones of Hadya, Gurage, Sidama, Keffa, Bench Maji, Wolita,Dawero, Gamogofa, south Omo, Segen people and most zones of Somali region most of the area expected near normal and in some parts above normal rain fall. This situation expect to improve moisture requirement of Belg crops found at different phases of growth, perennial plants, pasture and drinking water availability in pastoral and agro pastoral areas