May 2022_Hydromet Bulletin (Seasonal Hydro-meteorlogical)

Expected weather impact on water resources during the coming month of June 2022 During June Kiremt moisture benefits catchments are starting from the western, southwestern, and northwestern catchments and gradually extending to the central, northeastern, and eastern catchments of the country. According to this northwestern, western, and southwestern catchments will have better amount and distribution of moisture conditions. The occurrence of having fall significant phenomenon in the Kiremt season likewise heavy fall events will be occurring in some places of the above catchments. Accordingly, in the coming June month most of BaroAkobo, Abay, OmoGibe, Abay, upper Awash, upper GenaleDawa, and Wabishebele, middle and lower Tekeze, and upper and middle Rift Valley catchments will be expected to have Wet to very wet moisture condition. On the other side pocket places of BaroAkobo, Omogibe, and the western half of Abay catchments are expected sub-humid to humid moisture conditions. Therefore, we advise the responsible bodies to be prepared to control before these hazards affect the socio-economic activities of the country.