June 2022 (Monthly Agrometeorologicals)

In the coming month of July 2022, the meteorological forecast information indicates that the seasonal rainfall activity is expected to continue over much of western half and extended over north eastern and eastern Meher rainfall benefiting area of the country. This situation expect to improve moisture requirement of Meher and long cycle crops found at different phases of growth, perennial plants, pasture and drinking water availability in pastoral and agro pastoral areas. However, the expected heavy fall particularly over some parts of north western and central would have a negative impact on crop fields’ particularly over low-lying areas and anticipated to generate flash floods. Thus, proper attention should be undertaken to minimize the risk in areas where there is no proper drainage system and low-lying areas making furrow and channel in order to reduce the effect of excess rain. Moreover, the expected excess moisture on crop fields favors for the infestation of weeds and outbreak of pest and disease. Thus, the concerned personnel should take proper precaution and take day to day visit crop fields’ to mitigate the effect. On the other hand in normal condition moisture stress expecting areas the concerned bodies to use water properly and water harvesting mechanisms.