Kiremt 2022 ass and Bega 2022_23 Outlook buelltin_EMI.docx (Seasonal Hydro-meteorlogical)

 Adopt water conservation techniques, for sustainable water resources for different socioeconomic activities.  Undertake and properly manage the Early gained water harvesting resource to take advantage of the moisture stress.  Immediately disseminate Hydromet (early warning) weather and climate information to decision-makers and potential users.  Reservoirs and dams found in the south and southeastern Basins will have less probability to capture water in this ONDJ 2022/23 season.  We advise the responsible bodies to be prepared to control before these hazards affect the socio-economic activities of the country.  We advised using Hydromet early warning and forecast information updates as provided by the Ethiopia meteorology Institute (EMI) website and other medias Therefore, we recommend the responsible bodies harvest gained water resources for different socio-economic activities. Also, it is important to follow EMI’s daily, 10 days, monthly and mid-season forecasts and forecasts through EMI Website and other Media