11-20_Oct_2022 (Dekadal Agrometeorologicals)

Due to the expected relative strength of rain giving meteorological systems the moisture condition is likely to improve over southwestern, southern and southeastern parts of the country. The expected enhanced moisture over the Bega season rain benefiting areas may have constructive role toward the preparation of agricultural practices including to improve the availability of pasture and drinking water particularly across the southern and south-eastern pastoralist agro-pastoralist areas. In addition, it will also have positive contribution to satisfy the daily water need of lately planted Meher crops and perennial plants that are still requiring additional moisture for their development while it may have negative impact for fully matured crops. On the other hand, in the north, northeast and central parts of the country, prevailing dry, sunny and windy weather condition and may have positive impact for harvesting matured crops and in the process of drying up.