11-20_Dec_2022 (Dekadal Agrometeorologicals)

According to the weather forecast, in the upcoming last dekad of December 2022, the Bega season dry, sunny and wind weather condition with cold night and morning is likely to be continued in the coming dekad over the highland areas of the country. The expected dry, Sunny and windy condition should be favourable perform harvest and post-harvest activities over the place where Meher season crops are fully matured. Thus, farmers are strongly advised to use this opportunity to collect fully matured crops in the meanwhile. However, in line with the expected dry weather condition, along with the night and early morning cold weather may gradually increases over the highland land parts of the country and it may lead to the formation of frost that in turn may have slight negative impact on irrigated crops, fruit, vegetables and other horticulture plants as well as animal’s health condition.On the other hand, Small amount of moisture is expected in some parts of the central, western, southwestern and southern half of the country. The expected moisture had been significant important improvement of Bega season crops and perennial plants as well as to ensure the availability of pasture and drinking water for the pastoral and agro pastoral community.