February_2023 (Monthly Agrometeorologicals)

According to the weather forecast indicated in the coming month of March 2023, rain bearing weather systems likely to be strengthening over Belg rain beneficiary areas particularly central, north-eastern, eastern and south-western parts of the country. Which condition may have high chance of getting better moisture during the coming month of March. This situation would have expected to be favorable to perform land preparation and sowing of various Belg season crops over Belg crop growing areas. Moreover, the expected enhanced moisture may also favor to satisfy the daily water need of perennial plants and the expected to extend moisture after the mid of the month ensure the availability of pasture and drinking water over the south and south-eastern pastoral and agro pastoral communities that indicated in the moisture expected areas. However, as it was indicated in the weather outlook, some places across the country are likely to experience erratic and low moisture enhanced over the country. which will have expected to experience moderate to high probability of moisture stress on Belg agricultural activities and availability of pastor and water. Thus, farmers are advised to make their own plan for collecting and storing of rain water particularly for moisture stress areas so that they may utilize it at the time of consecutive dry days on the coming month.