March_2023 (Monthly Agrometeorologicals)

As of the monthly weather forecast, during the coming month of April, rain bearing meteorological systems is expected to be strength over most places of the country are likely to get better moisture comparing with the previous two Belg months. This situation will improve moisture availability for seasonal agricultural activities, particularly water requirement of early sown Belg crops found at emergency and different growing stages, perennial plants, land preparation of long cycle crops which normally sown from the month of April. Moreover the expected expanded moisture over south and south-eastern parts of the country ensuring the availability of pasture and drinking water for pastoral and agro pastoral communities. Therefore, concerned bodies and farmers are advised to use the expected moisture wisely and efficiently. However, the expected heavy fall particularly north-eastern, eastern, central and southern places across the country would have cause flash flood and water logging on crops field in low lying areas. On the contrary the excess moisture might have positive impact on normally water deficit areas and water harvesting where that can be used in time of deficit.