Jan_11-20_2024 (Dekadal Agrometeorologicals)

According to the weather forecast, in the coming third dekade of January 2023, during the beginning days of the dekade Bega season, dry moisture condition is expected to prevail across the Meher season-producing parts of the country. The dry and sunny conditions should be taken as a good opportunity to perform post-harvest activities over the place where Meher season crops are fully matured. On the other hand, after the second half of the season slight to heavy moisture is expected over southern and western parts of the country this may be favourable for Bega season crops and perennial plants as well as to ensure the availability of pasture and drinking water for the pastoral and agro-pastoral community. Moreover, relative moisture improvement is anticipated over central, northeastern, and southwestern parts of the country and that will enhance the soil moisture and can play a positive role in Belg season land preparation which is expected to start in the head of the dekad.