Bega_2019_20 (Seasonal Agrometeorologicals)

In general during the last Bega 2019/20, above average rainfall was observed across most parts of the country. The analyzed agro meteorological information indicates that during early of October and late of November much of the country had experienced enhanced humidity. The observed wettest condition during early of October might have positive agricultural implication toward satisfying the daily water need of lately sowing Meher crops, perennial plants, and various pulse crops which are often seeded with residual moistures as well as ensuring the availability of pasture and drinking water for pastoral and agro-pastoral communities. Less chilly and frosty condition was also observed over even in frost prone areas due to the relative increase in humidity and enhanced cloud condition over the high lands. For that reason, there was not significant damage of frost in crops and horticulture plants. In addition the enhanced moisture might play significant role toward the further growth of seedlings which were planting with national campaign.