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11-20 June 2022


Dekadal Agrometeorologicals Print PDF

As of the weather forecast for the last dekad of June, rain bearing meteorological systems are likely to be strengthen across most parts of the western half and central parts of the country and these places are expected to receive light to heavy rainfall during the coming dekad. The anticipated mostly normal rainfall across the Kiremt rain benefiting areas may favor to enhance the soil moisture, to satisfy the daily water need of various early sown crops vegetables and perennial plants. Conversely, the expected heavy fall may result soil moisture saturation, soil erosion and landslide due to flood and this in turn negatively impacted the growing crops. Thus, farmers and all the concerned bodies are advised to make the necessary precautions to minimize the possible damage. However the expected small amount of moisture over the pastoral and agro pastoral community can play significant role to ensure the availability of pasture and drinking water.

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