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11-20 July, 2022


Dekadal Agrometeorologicals Print PDF

In the coming third dekad of July 2022, the meteorological forecast information indicates that the seasonal rainfall activity is expected to continue in a good amount and distribution over much of Kiremt rainfall benefiting area of the country. The situation will favor ongoing Meher agricultural activities in terms of crop water requirement such as water availability of early sown Meher crops, perennial plants, long cycle crops which found at different phenological stages, and availability of pasture and drinking water over eastern and north eastern pastoral and agro pastoral areas.Besides the expected moisture over some places where dry spells persisted during the previous dekad might have positive contribution on crop water requirements and enhancement of moisture deficit particularly over eastern and north eastern pastoral and agro pastoral low lands. However, the expected above normal rainfall over some areas may result in heavy falls it might lead to water logging and crop damage on crop fields.

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