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1-10_May 2022


Dekadal Agrometeorologicals Print PDF

During the coming second dekad of May 2022, Oromia region of Kelem, eastern and western Wellega, Jimma, Illubabur and Buno Beddele, Gambela and south-western region of all zones, Benshangul-Gumuze region of Assosa and Metekel zones, experienced normal to below normal rainfall. Moreover western and southern Gonder, western eastern Gojam, Awi zone, Most zones of SNNPR and Sidama region zones expected near normal rainfall over some places. This situation will improve moisture availability for seasonal agricultural activities, particularly water requirement of early sown Belg crops found at different phonological stages, perennial plants, land preparation of long cycle crops which normally sown started from the month of April and pasture and drinking water availability in pastoral and agro pastoral areas. Therefore, concerned bodies and farmers are advised to use the expected moisture wisely and efficiently. However, the expected heavy fall over some places of the above normal rainfall expected areas would have a slightly negative impact on Agricultural fields’

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