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March 2024 Biomet Bulletin


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Based on the climate health analysis for March 2024, it has been observed that, there were low to moderate suitable climate conditions to the breeding and development of vector-borne diseases, especially malaria and a like. Additionally, over the next 10 days, the Belg benefiting areas of will continue to experience expanded suitable conditions for the development and survival rate of mosquitoes. In terms of weather comfort conditions, most parts of the country have experienced pleasant conditions for both humans and livestock. However, certain regions like Afar, Somali, and Gambela might be affected by heat stress. Looking ahead to the next 10 days of April first dekad, the low-lying border areas of the country, especially Afar, Gambela, south Ethiopia, border of Benishangul gumuz and western Amhara and Somali region will experience moderately heat stress, which will affect both humans and cattle.

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