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During the coming month of July, most of Tekeze, Abay, Mereb Gashe, Awash, Baroakobo, Omogibe, Afar Denacle, Upper and Middle Rift Valley, Upper Wabe Shebele, and Genale Dawa basins are likely to have wet to very wet moisture condition. The anticipated moisture during July is expected to favour to the availability of water in the natural and artificial reservoirs which in turn enhance the dam inflow and of energy production in one hand and sufficient moisture for both large- and small-scale irrigation applications on the other hand. To the contrary, the expected heavy rainfall may trigger flash as well as riverine flood over urban and rural flood prone areas which may cause considerable damage on human life, property and infrastructure. Therefore, the concerned water professionals and the wider community are advised to make the necessary preparation to reduce the likely potential risk of flood, including cleaning drainage structures. In General, all Residents at flood prone areas are advised to be on the lookout for potential floods, flash floods and poor visibility. Since the water levels in rivers, lakes and dams are expected to be high the community are advised to avoid driving through or walking in moving water to minimize the risk of damage on life and property. In addition, people in landslide prone areas, especially over hilly areas, are strongly advised to be watchful.

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