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Febuary_2022 Hydromet Bulletin


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During March Belg season moisture is starting in most parts of Belg moisture benefiting catchments. According to this in the coming month of March moisture will have a better amount and covers wide areas of most catchments. Even though the characteristic of Belg moisture is erratic and less in amount, sometimes in some places the occurrence of heavy fall is observed in most Belg benefiting catchments. In general in the next March upper awash, upper and middle BaroAkobo, OmoGibe, Rift Valley and GenaleDwa pocket places of upper Wabishebele catchments will be expected to receive sub-humid to humid moisture amount. Increasing of daily maximum temperature may cause high evaporation over most parts of river basins. We advise to keep on hand water resource we use properly, in addition to these catchments which face moisture stress will be prepared to harvest rainwater may chance to get rain during the coming month of March 2022.

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