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March_2022_Monthly Bulletin


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As of the monthly weather forecast, during the coming month of April, rain bearing meteorological systems is expected to be weakening due to the continuity ENSO-La Nina signals over the Equatorial Pacific Ocean; hence most places of Belg season rain benefiting areas are likely to get below average moisture in most of Belg season rain benefiting areas. In line with this, areas in the eastern half and southern half of the country are likely to receive normal to below normal rainfall. This condition may lead to a longer dry days in the eastern and southern lowland parts of the country, which would result a moisture stress for early planted crops, perennial plants and it may negatively impact the availability of pasture and drinking water as well. Therefore, to minimize the impact of the expected below average rainfall, all actors are advised to take the necessary agro meteorological measures to manage and utilize the obtained moisture, including, rainwater harvesting, water and soil moisture conservation and the likes.

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