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According to the weather forecast, in the coming month of November 2022 the Bega season dry moisture condition is expected to prevail across the country and this may intensify night and morning time coldness over some parts of the high land areas and it may lead to the formation of frost. However the forecasted dry and sunny condition should be taken as good opportunity to perform harvest and post-harvest activities over the place where Meher season crops are fully matured. Thus, farmers are strongly advised to use this opportunity to collect fully matured crops in the meanwhile. The night and morning time cold condition may have negative impact on fruit and other horticulture plants as well as crops which are found at flowering and grain filling stages. Therefore, farmers need to be assisted by agricultural professional for effective management of cold conditions. On the other hand, the expected slight to moderate rainfall up to the second half of the month over south-western, southern and south- eastern parts of the country may be favourable for Bega season crops and perennial plants as well as to ensure the availability of pasture and drinking water for the pastoral and agro pastoral community.

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