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June 2021 Hydromet Bulletin


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Expected weather impact on water resource during the coming Month of July, 2021 During the month of July Kiremt wet moisture condition is covered much of Kiremt moisture benefiting catchments of the country. The cause of Kiremt rain bring meteorological phenomenon starting to be strengthen during this month over much of the basins. According to this in some places of western and north western catchments have the large amount of Kiremt rain. In the case of strong Kiremt rain bring meteorological phenomena in the coming July the distribution and amount of moisture conditions will be expected to cover much of Kiremt benefiting catchments. In line with this most parts of Tekeze, Abay, BaroAkobo, Omo Gibe, Rift Valley, upper and middle Awash, GenaleDawa and upper Wabishebele will have wet to very wet moisture condition and also in some places can be expect heavy fall within a day. In addition across eastern Tekeze, middle Awash, upper and middle GenaleDawa, Wabishebele, upper Ogaden and Afar Denakel will get humid to wet moisture condition. In the other hand the lower parts of Wabishebele, Genale dawa and Ogaden catchments will dominated partly cloudy weather condition.

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