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JULY_2021_Hdro-met Bulletin


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During August the amount and distribution of better moisture will be increasing over many Kiremt moisture benefiting catchments. Due to this the occurrences of flash flood and over flow of river frequently happen during this month. Accordingly in the coming month most of Tekeze, Abay, BaroAkobo, OmoGibe, upper and middle Rift Valley, upper and middle Awash, upper Wabishebele, upper and middle Genaledawa, AfarDenakel catchments will be expected to have wet to very wet moisture condition. In addition to this the forecast information indicated that the occurrences of heavy fall will be expected over the west, North West, southern and the central high ground catchments. In the other side middle WabiShebele, lower RiftValley, lower Awash, most of AfarDenakel and middle GenaleDawa catchment will be expected to humid to wet moisture condition. Across lower Wabishebele and Ogaden catchments will be also expected semi humid air conditions. The above expected better amount of moisture condition across the catchments will have the benefit to increase the amount of water resource; however, we have to be concerned to manage the occurrence of excessive moisture condition may cause an unexpected negative impact on different socio-economic activities.

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