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October, Hydro-met monthly Bulletin ,2021


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Expected weather impact on water resources during the coming month of November 2021 In the coming month of November, the arid, sunny, and windy conditions of Bega weather dominated most parts of the river basins. In another hand, some places of southwestern, southern half will be expected wet moisture conditions. In line with this most part of BaroAkobo, middle and lower OmoGibe, Riftvalley, Genaledawa, upper Wabishebele, Ogaden, pocket places of upper and lower Abay catchments will have Sub Humid to Humid moisture condition. The rest of catchments will remain under Semi-arid to Arid weather conditions. The above lower catchments which are expected to have a better amount of moisture it has a positive impact to increase the availability of water resource. In another hand, most parts of Bega moisture benefiting catchments will have negative impacts on different socio-economic activities.

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