2019_Belg season_Outlook (Seasonal)

During 2018/19 Bega season, in the first two months (October and November) as well as some times in December the weather experienced a significant increase in the spatial and temporal distribution of the rain fall. On the other hand, in the month of January in the night time and early morning cold air increased over most parts of the high land areas of the country. On the other hand the previous Bega, the north, northeastern, eastern and central parts of high land areas of the country occurred chilly conditions. In general, the outlook issued for the Bega season was mostly similar with the actual observed weather condition.

In the upcoming Belg season, the main rainy seasons areas of the southern and south eastern is anticipated to be more of near normal to above normal. In addition to that across the edge of eastern for south eastern parts will have more near normal rain. On the other hand the Central, adjoining rift valley and western half of the country as well as eastern Ethiopia expected to be dominated by Normal to above normal rainfall. On the other hand the daily maximum temperature likely to be increase from normal condition, specially over the low land areas of the country. In general in the upcoming Belg season mostly the rainfall distribution will be dominated by near normal condition.