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2019-20 Bega seasonal outlook

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During the previous 2019 Kiremt season, the rain started in near normal period as anticipated over South western and Western Ethiopia, whereas it was early in the remaining Kiremt rain benefiting areas of the country. It was also anticipated in the Kiremt forecast that the rain would cease late in particular over North-eastern, Eastern and Central Ethiopia. The rain expanded and strengthened across many places which as a result the rain was so heavy and flash floods inundated some places of the country and damaged properties and injuries on humans .In the upcoming Bega 2019/20,Eastern and southern Tigray, except zone 3 in Afar and North Somali will have a chance of Below Normal rain, Whereas, North, Western and South western in addition parts of South of Southern Oromiya, Southern half of Somali will be dominated by Above normal rain.

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