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Kiremt_2020 Climate outlook

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In the preceding Belg 2020, the seasonal rain onset was in near normal period in the southwestern Ethiopia. The seasonal rain bearing systems organized since mid-March and light to heavy rainfall recorded at their respective regions. In line with this, heavy rainfall resulted in flash flood and land slide were cause of loss of life and property.

In the upcoming Kiremt 2020, the Tropical Pacific Ocean is existed under the neutral ENSO episode and IOD and it is anticipated to be continued ENSO neutral. However, Negative IOD will arise in last months of the season. In general, better rainfall activity is anticipated across most of the Kiremt benefiting areas of the country. Hence, northwest parts of Ethiopia will have Normal to Above Normal, eastern half will be under the domination of Near Normal rainfall and also southwestern, west and central is likely to get normal to tending to Above Normal rainfall.

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