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Duties And Responsibilities


In accordance with proclamation No. 201/1980 the National Meteorology Agency has the following powers and duties to:

  • Establish and operate a national net-work of meteorological stations designed to represent various climatic regions of Ethiopia and to satisfy the needs of various national development plans and activates.

  • Collecting all meteorological data;

  • Exchange meteorological data in accordance with international agreements to which Ethiopia is a party ;

  • Establish and operate communication systems, in accordance with the law for the collection and dissemination of meteorological data;

  • Publish and disseminate analyzed and interpreted meteorological data and meteorological forecasts;

  • Give advance warning on adverse weather conditions; disseminate advice and educational information through the mass media; and provide, upon request meteorological services to any person;

  • Collect and centrally administer, notwithstanding the provisions of  Article 5 this proclamation, any meteorological data collected by any person in the country;

  • Control air pollution and maintain the natural balance of the air in the country;


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