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Seasonal Hydro-meteorological Bulletins

Description The National Meteorological Agency disseminates ten daily, monthly and seasonal weather reports in which all the necessary current information relevant to the water and energy sector are compiled.

Hydrometeorological bulletin is prepared and disseminated by the National Meteorological Agency (NMA), to provide the water and energy sectors and related disciplines with the current weather situation in relation to Dams and reservoirs and practices over main and sub River catchments.

The information contained in the bulletin, are believed to assist planners, decision makers and the users at large, in minimizing risks, increase efficiency and maximize the efficiency of water and energy.

On the other hand, it is vital tool in monitoring Dams and reservoirs, the weather conditions during the main rainy seasons, to be able to make more realistic assessment of the annual and seasonal water resources in advance.

January 2023 hydromet and flood monitoring bulletin
January_22 Bega Hydromet Bulletin
December 2022 ,hydromet & flood monitoring Bulletin
October-2022 hydro-met and flood monitoring bulletin
November 2022 hydro met and flood monitoring bulletin
Hydromet and flood monitoring September ass and Oct 2022 impact outlook.
Kiremt 2022 ass and Bega 2022_23 Outlook buelltin_EMI.docx
2022 HYdromet and flood monitoring Bulletin
2022_July Hydromet Bulletin
2022 Belg Assessment and coming Kiremt Hydromet Bulletin


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