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Brief History


Historical documents revealed that at the end of the 19th century missionaries who entered in Ethiopia were taking meteorological observation of Addis Ababa. In addition to this, meteorological stations were established in 1890 and 1986 at Adamitulu and Gambela respectively. After that from 1946-1949 some preliminary meteorological tasks were carried out by government offices for agricultural sector only, especially for locust control.

However, due to the growing demands of meteorological information for safe operations of the air transport, a unit that handles meteorological activity was also established in the early fifties under the Civil Aviation Department.

Finally as the other economic and social sectors began to realize the importance of meteorological services then unit was changed with the responsibility of giving assistance to non-aviation activities. NMA had its present status. The government of Ethiopia officially established the National Meteorological Services Agency in December 31,1980 under proclamation No 201 0f 1980.


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