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Seasonal Forecast

In Ethiopia there are three season’s classified based on temperature and rainfall activity during the entire season. The three seasons are locally known as Bega (October to January), Belg (February to May) and Kiremt (June to September). During Bega dry and cold weather condition prevailed over much of the nation, Belg is the short rainy season for northeast, east, central and southern highland while, main rainy season for south and southeast portions and Kiremt is main rainy season across much of the Ethiopia except south and southeast of the country. The seasonal climate outlook issued for each season in the early month of the season.

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1 Kiremt_2024_outlook
2 Belg 2024 Outlook
3 Bega 2023-24 Outlook
4 Kiremt_2023_Outlook
5 Belg_2023_Outlook
6 Bega 2021-22_outlook
7 Kiremt_ 2022_Climate Outlook
8 Belg seasonal _2022
9 Belg_2022_outlook
10 Kiremt_2021_Outlook


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