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Climate Health Bulletins

Description The National Meteorological Agency disseminates monthly and seasonal climate information for the health sector in which all the necessary current information relevant to health is compiled.

Climate information for the health sector Bulletin is prepared and disseminated by the National Meteorological Agency (NMA), to convey essential information regarding the monitoring of human comfort conditions based on the analysis of temperature, relative humidity and rainfall data for the monitoring of Malaria outbreak areas are considered.

This bulletin can be a very important source of information to Health professionals engaged in the monitoring of Public Health and climate sensitive disease, to planners, to Tourism Agents and institutions who advise tourists regarding the comfort conditions of the places to be visited by the tourists and to the researcher who is interested in the field of Bio-Climatology. Besides, since the monitoring of temperature and rainfall over a given area can be used to assess the likelihood of outbreak of Malaria with a lag of two months, this information can be an important for early warning tool if used judiciously.

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