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Daily Weather Report (Issue Date: April 20, 2024)

Weather Forecast
For the coming day, weather conditions favorable for the formation of rain will enhance over Belg beneficiary areas of the country. In line with this, from Tigray region the eastern, southeastern and southern zones; from Amhara region North and South Wolo, Wag Hemra, North Showa and Oromo special region and east Gojam; from Afar region to Kilbit, Gabi, Fanti, Awsi and Hati zones; from Benishangul Gumuz region, Asosa and Mao Komo zones; from the Oromia region, Kelem, West and East Welega, Buno Bedele, Jimma, Ilubabor, North showa(Salale), West showa, East showa, Southwest Showa, West Hararghe, East Hararghe, Bale, East Bale, Arsi ,West Arsi, Guji ,West Guji and Borena; Addis Ababa; Agnuwak, Majang, Nuer and Itang zones from Gambella region; from the Southwest region of Ethiopia, Sheka, Bench Sheko, Kefa, Konta, Dauro and West Omo zones; from the Central region of Ethiopia, Gurage, Silte, Halaba, Mareko, Hadiya, Kambata and Xenbaro zones and Yem Special District; all zones from the Sidama region; from the Southern region of Ethiopia, Wolayta, Gamo, Gofa, Basketo, Derashe, Konso, Burji, Amaro, Gedio,Alle and South Omo; from the Somali region, City, Fafen, Erer, Nogob, Jarar, Liben, Afder, Shebele, Dawa, Korahe and Dolo zones, Harari and Dire Dawa light to moderate rainfall is expected in their most places. In addition, heavy rains are expected in Kilbit, Fanti, Hati, Gabi, east Hararghe, west Hararghe, Dire Dawa, Harari, Jarar, Shebele, Korahe, Afdeer, south omo, west Omo, Basketo,Konta, Dawuro, Borana and Guji, so the Ethiopia Meteorological Institute suggests the community and all concerned parties should take necessary precautions as the heavy rains could cause floods.
2024-04-19 Weather Summary
Yesterday, heavy cloud coverage observed in the north-east, Central, South, South-West, East and South-East parts of the country. In association with this, from the Amhara region, North Showa; from the Oromia region, east Hararghe, west Arsi, Bale, west Guji, Borana and east showa; from the Central region,Gurage, Silxe, Hadiya, Kambata and Xenbaro zones, from the southern region, Wolayta, Gamo, Gofa, Basketo, Derashe, Burji, Amaro, Gedio and south Omo zones light to moderate rainfall was recorded in their some places. On the other hand, Gondar 35.0 and Chagni 35.2 daily maximum temperature recorded in degrees Celsius.
City Forecast

Stations with Extreme Measurements (2024-04-20)
Stations with Maximum Temperature
# Name Daily Maximum Temp
1 Gode 42.2°C
2 Gambella 41.0°C
Stations with Minimum Temperature
# Name Daily Minimum Temp
1 Dangila 6.5°C
2 Wegeltena 7.0°C