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The seasonal total rainfall amount of Kiremt 2023 was exceeded 600 mm over Benishangule, southern and most of Amhara region, western Tigray, western part of SNNPR as well as parts of western Oromia. While heavy fall in 24 hours greater than 70mm, during Kiremt 2023 108.4, 95.7, 89.1 and 88mm over Shahura, Bure, Nekemte, and Ginir was reported on the 15th Sep, 22th Jun, 10th Jun and 20th Sep 2023. During kiremt 2023, days remained hot over South East and north eastern parts of Ethiopia. In particular, extreme maximum temperature values exceeded 43.0 oC over Extreme maximum temperature was recorded over Gewane, Aysha, Elidar, Semera and Mille 43.4, 43.6, 43.8, 44 and 44oC on the 26th of June, 30th Aug, 25th Jun, 25th and 26th of June, respectively. Hence, the extreme minimum temperature values were as low as 0.0, 0.5, 2.0 and 2.5°C Ambamariam, Ayehu, Hageremariam, and Aykel respectively. The temperature anomaly was negative departed some parts of southern Oromia, southern Amhara and Southern Somale. The rest of the country had posetive temperature anomaly. In general, the seasonal rainfall amount of Kiremt 2023 was below normal over northern and northwestern Benishngulgumuz, some parts of eastern Tigray, pocket area of SNNPRs and northern parts of Afar regions. In the most parts of Somale, southeastern parts of SNNPRs, southern parts of Oromia and some pocket area of central Ethiopia are gets above normal, were as the rest of the country getting normal rainfall observed

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