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According to the weather forecast, the Bega season dry moisture condition is expected during the second dekad of January across much parts of the country. This condition likely to favour for complete the on-going harvest and post-harvest activities of Meher season crops enable farmers to clear crop fields for the next season agricultural practices. On the other hand, dry, windy and cloud free condition might encourage cool and chilly weather at night and morning time on the on-going dekad over some high land areas of the country. This condition is likely to be detrimental negative effect on the overall performance of low resistance to cold weather vegetables, fruits and perennial plants as well as Animals and their products. Therefore, farmers are advised to be ready to take the necessary measures so as to maintain the plant environment as warm as possible and prevent the animals exposed to cold weather condition particularly a recently born small animals. However, relative moisture improvement is anticipated over northeastern, western and southwestern parts of the country and that will enhance the soil moisture and can play a positive role for the areas early started Belg season land preparation. Therefore we advise farmer’s uses this good opportunity to start prepare their lands.

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