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According to the weather forecast for the coming January 2024, the Bega season dry, sunny and wind weather condition couple with cold night and morning is likely to be continued up to the mid of the coming month over the highland areas of the country. The probable dry weather condition up to the mid of the month is likely to favour for completing the on-going post-harvest activities and enable farmers to clear crop fields for the next season agricultural practices. On the other hand, dry, windy and cloud free condition might encourage cool and chilly weather at night and morning time particularly during the early dekads of the month over some high land areas of the country. This condition is likely to be detrimental slight negative effect on the performance of vegetables, fruits and perennial plants. However, after the mid of the month sometimes some parts of north-eastern, eastern, central, western and south-western parts of the country are likely to start getting slight to moderate amount of rainfall due to the approach of certain rain bearing Belg season weather systems.

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