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As for the seasonal outlook for Kiremt 2022, the country is likely to be Most of the recent and prognostic products are indicting the likelihood of continuing of ENSO negative episodes will dominate the performance of Kiremt 2022. Hence, it has positive contribution for the wet performance of rainfall during the upcoming Kiremt season. In this regard, Normal to above normal rainfall is anticipated to dominate across the northern half of the country. An increased chance of the domination of Close to normal rainfall is anticipated across west, southwest central and eastern Ethiopia. The onset of the season is also expected to follow its normal pattern over much of the JJAS rain benefiting areas of the country. Few days late cessation of the Kiremt season; occasional heavy rains during July and August, may cause of flood across flood prone areas, in line with these, landslide will occur over isolated places. Erratic temporal distribution, with few prolonged dry spells during June and September.

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