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The expected dominantly normal to above normal rainfall across Benshangul-Gumuze, western Oromia, Gambela and south-western parts of the country would favor not fully matured existing Meher crops. The dry and cool Bega season likely to occur over northern half of Ethiopia will favor harvest and post-harvest activity of Meher crops.However the enhanced probabilities of below-normal temperatures over much of northern, north western and south western parts favorable for the occurrence of frost across highlands of Northern, North-eastern, Eastern and southern parts of the country. In general the expected to receive below normal seasonal rain and higher chances of delayed onset dates to prevail across the South and South-eastern regions, where Bega is the second rainy season and which will have expected probability of moisture stress and negatively affecting water and pasture availability and crop performance. Therefore we advise farmers adopt irrigation/water conservation techniques in areas expecting dry conditions. Thus, users should interpret the weather forecast in terms of their area of interest and the existing condition of their specific areas.

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