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The expected Normal to above normal rainfall over southern and south-eastern Ethiopia where Bega is their second rainy season would have positive impact on regenerating pasture and the availability of drinking water and crop performance of agro pastoral areas as well. Therefore, proper input should be utilized to take advantage of the relatively better condition. The expected early onset and late cessation will be favorable Bega season agricultural activities. The expected Above Normal tending to Normal rainfall activity is anticipated across most of Meher crop producing area expected to favour the existing Meher crops were not yet fully matured and late sown pulses and oil seeds using residual moisture obtained during October over highlands. The expected occasional Unseasonal rain to prevail over Northern half Meher producing areas of the country over seasonally dry sectors in areas where crops are ready to harvest of the country would have negative impact on harvest and post-harvest activities. Thus, harvest and post-harvest activities should be undertaken on time in order to avoid unnecessary harvest and post-harvest loses. The extended rainfall during October could be positive for lately sowing crops to the northern, north western, eastern and the central parts of the country. In addition to this the extended wet condition would favour flood affected areas where replanting of the crops has been going on recently. However, the extended rainfall was negatively affected fully matured crops in some pocket areas especially lowland parts to the western and western half of the country. Moreover, the expected unseasonable rainfall would favour the occurrence of crop pests and disease. Therefore, farmers are advised properly and regularly visit their farm fields for monitoring pest and diseases for proper precaution should be undertaken ahead of time to minimize loses.

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