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During the preceding two months of Belg 2021, the Belg rain benefiting areas of the nation received normal to tends to below normal rainfall. Due to late onset of seasonal rain and also unstable of seasonal rain in temporal and spatial across most portions of the belg rain benefiting regions. In association with this, it is important to note that this year belg rainfall performance was continued in weakening manner throughout the first two months of a season across most parts of the nation.

In the upcoming two months, /April and May 2021/ the rain bearing systems is expected to have improvement from time to time especially in the month of May. Hence, the western and south-western parts of the country will have better rainfall amount and distribution than the others regions of the country, In generally, for the coming two Belg months normal to below normal rain is anticipated to have western and southwestern Ethiopia and north eastern, central and eastern parts as well as the south eastern and southern low land areas of the nation will have normal to below normal rain.

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