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Announcement of Research Call, 2019/2020


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Announcement of Research Call, 2019/2020
Meteorological personnel in the National Meteorological Agency
Meteorological personnel are hereby invited to submit research proposal for the
following eight major areas (Topics): -
Topic number 1: -Belg forecast verification over Ethiopia
Topic number 2: - Climate Classification of Ethiopia.
Topic number 3: - Updating Kiremt Rainfall Characteristics over Ethiopia
Topic Number 4: - Assessing Scientific Seasonal Weather Forecasting and
Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Pastoral and Agro Pastoral areas of Ethiopia
Topic number 5: - Contribution of Seasonal Rainfall to Basins of Ethiopia
Topic number 6: -Analyzing the impact of Elnino and IOD on Kiremt Rainfall over
each of the Regional States of Ethiopia.
Topic number 7: - Weather Forecast and Delivery Systems of Regional
Meteorological Service Centers.
Topic number 8: - Identification of Best Method to Assess Customer Satisfaction
on Climate Services over Ethiopia.
1. Background of the call
The National Meteorological Agency Research Policy is aimed at encouraging greatly
the involvement of the meteorological personnel in Research activities targeting the
improvement of the operational services of the Agency, in the area of Forecasting and
early warning, in the area of data quality and in the area of applied meteorological
According to the Business Process Re-engineering of the research process, the new
paradigm shift has been to involve the Meteorological Personnel in the technical
directorates of the Agency, in research activities, for the improvement of the
technical operational activities of the Agency.

Moreover, the implementation of the Business Process Score Card system in the
Agency has identified the Research Process as one of the three focus area.
User feedbacks collected from the workshops during the National Framework for
Climate Services, and National Climate Output Forums are also used to identify and
develop the research themes.
This announcement of research call in the Agency for meteorological personnel is
intended to involve more meteorological personnel of the Agency.
Successfully implemented research projects based on this call for research proposal
would have the chance of a reward, based on the assessment of the research result by
the research and studies directorate.
2. Objective of the Call
Objective of this call is for the improvement of the operational services of the
3. Research Themes: -
Research Theme 1: - Belg forecast verification over Ethiopia given at the
Headquarter level.
The National Meteorological Agency issues Belg season forecast since 1987. One
method of improving the forecast is to undertake verification study of the given
forecasts and the observed patterns. Forecast verification involves exploring and
summarizing the relationship between sets of forecasts and observed data. It checks
the accuracy, reliability and quality of the forecast as well as the value.
Though the Agency has been issuing the seasonal forecast, only Kiremt season forecast
verification has conducted and published recently.
Therefore, the call for this theme is to undertake verification study of the Belg
probabilistic forecast using the available data.
Research Theme 2: - Climate Classification of Ethiopia
The Climate classification of Ethiopia being used in the Agency is more than 20 years
old and needs updating using the available data existing in the Agency. Moreover, when
customers ask for Climate Classification of Ethiopia, they usually ask the most recent

work. Thus it has become important to include this work to be undertaken. The person
who is supposed to win this research them is required to undertake all the data
collection, analysis in map forms, Tables and written descriptions and which can be
ready for Publishing.
Research theme 3: - Updating Kiremt Rainfall Characteristics over Ethiopia
It is known that NMA has been started issuing seasonal climate prediction since 1987
on national level, currently seasonal climate information of rainfall characteristics like
onset, cessation and duration of kiremt season being offered for the user in the
agency lasted more than 14 years’ research output. Nowadays, due to changing of earth
climate WMO updated historical base period (1961-1990) to current base period (1981-
2010). Taking in to account, the new base period, increased number of meteorological
stations, user curiosity to know exact time of the rainfall characteristics, and ambition
of the agency to provide world class service, updating kiremt rainfall characteristics is
crucial. Thus, in order to advance seasonal climate outlook of the agency, it would be
expected from the research winner to appropriately assess the methodology in order
to calculate (compute) the above parameters inclusive of number of rainy days, rainfall
totals, length of dry and wet spells of rainfall indices (Note: variability & trend analysis
for each rainfall characteristics is mandatory)
Research theme 4: - Assessing Scientific Seasonal Weather Forecasting and
Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Pastoral and Agro Pastoral areas of Ethiopia
NMA in collaboration with different partners has developed National Framework for
Climate Services (NFCS) in Ethiopia, among the project activities, Development of
knowledge and Evidence based for Advancing Applied Meteorological Services has
enabled to identify too many research topics including the proposed title. Hence, under
the charging climate integrating climate information (scientific and indigenous) is vital
to alleviate climate related hazards, otherwise lack of adaptive capacity to current and
future climate variability and change does not allowed sustainable agricultural
production. Therefore, the award winner need to assess meteorological, biotic,
astronomic and relief feature indicators to forecast weather and climate conditions
inclusive of their usage for different livelihood activities.
Research theme 5: - Contribution of Seasonal rainfall to Basins of Ethiopia
Currently NMA has more than 1300 meteorological station across the country, but well
documented contributions of each stations rainfall to different catchments/Basins
over the country for hydro meteorological services issued from Head quarter and

Regional meteorological service center is missing. Careful assessment of water
resources and reasonable needs of the basin or region for various purposes like
drinking water, irrigation, hydropower and navigation is important for planning of water
resources development in a basin /region. Hence, spatial and temporal distribution of
rainfall and number of raining days from each identified station to the catchment need
to be studied and mapped by the granted researcher.
Research theme 6: - Analyzing the impact of Elnino and IOD on Kiremt rainfall
over each of the Regional States of Ethiopia.
Many studies on the impact of Elnino on Ethiopian rainfall have been made. But there
are limited research outputs on the impact of Elnino on kiremt season, especially Elnino
impact on amount and distribution of kiremt rainfall over each of the regional states.
Such studies are important to improve the seasonal forecast provided by regional
meteorological service centers. It also helps the government to make proactive
Research theme 7: - Automating Weather Forecast and Delivery Systems of
Meteorological Service Centers
Weather forecasting and delivering the product to user’s community are two
independent systems that require continuous improvement in line with the dynamics of
user’s demand. By this proposal an attempt will be made to improve both the weather
forecasting as well as the delivery systems of Regional Meteorological service centers
by developing packages of computer programs that can create auto connection with
NWP systems, reading model products, make downscaling and posting the customized
product to service centers website and users email automatically without human
interaction. This system is not a standalone system but rather it uses the privileges
available in Global (NOAA, ECMWF, UKMET…) and National level NWP systems.
Research theme 8: - Identification of Best Method to Assess Customer
Satisfaction on Climate Services over Ethiopia.
Assessment of National Framework for Climate Service which was undertaken recently
in priorities sector over selected districts of the country and role of NMA stated
within the GTP, clearly stated the need to design appropriate mechanism to
continuously assess customer satisfactions of climate service. Hence, the study need
to address appropriate mechanism to assess customer satisfaction of climate services
being offered by NMA, which in turn improves service provision of the agency.
4. Eligibility criteria
This announcement for call on research proposal is only for meteorological personnel
working in the National Meteorological Agency. It is expected that the Directorate
with which you are working should also send an endorsement letter to the
Meteorological Research Directorate.
4.1 Research project eligibility
Research projects are to be carried out for a period of minimum of 9 months
and maximum 12 months.
Maximum budget for the proposed research project (Per diem, stationary)
should be up to 30,000.
Research Projects proposed through team work will have a high chance of
4.2 Contract
The research contract will be governed by the rule developed by MRSD.
5. Evaluation criteria: -
All research proposals will be assessed and evaluated by the Research Board of the
Agency based on the Research policy and the Research directive of the Agency.
Moreover, the following eight points, which are considered international standards for
the assessment of research project proposals will also be included i.e., Scientific
Excellence and Research proposal quality, likelihood impact of the research output on
the improvement of the Agency?? operations, demand led(degree to which the
proposed research work is in demand by the Agency), Research communication and
dissemination(Degree to which research outputs are likely to be communicated across a
variety of publication formats and types) and lastly Value for money(Cost of proposed
research and value for money considered with relation to its significance and scientific
Quality and impact).
6. Application Procedure
The Research proposal application should be prepared as per the format on page 5 and
the soft copy should be sent to the e-mail address of copied
For further information, if you have enquiry, you can get the required information
from the Meteorological Research and Studies Directorate.

7. Dead line
The dead line for the application for this call for proposal is October 28, 2019.
Research Proposal Application Format
1. Title of the Research Proposal: -
2. Name and Address of the Investigator(s): -
2.1 Name: -
2.2 Directorate/RMSC of the Investigator: -
2.3 e-mail of the investigator: -
2.4 Telephone No. Mobile Office
3. Beneficiaries of the research output (Briefly describe the potential contributions
the research will make).
4. Data sets you intend to use (It would be much advisable to use most of the data
which can be available in the National Meteorological Agency)
5. Methodology that you intend to use including statistical models or formulae.
6. Work plan of the major activities
7. Requested Budget Break down
8. Any support needed for the implementation phase of the Research Project, if it is

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