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Ethiopian Meteorological Research Series, First Series


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The study formulates a comparative analysis based on data of Pan-evaporation collected from Class-A
Pan and NmaMade pan at NMA, in 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12: 00 and 15:00 UTC time of observation.
These instruments are located in town where the American and first made by Ethiopia National
Meteorological Agency were installed. Measuring water evaporation from the ground surface is of
crucial importance to a wide range of research areas and sciences including water resource
management, agriculture, and meteorology. The main aim of this study was, therefore to analysis
observed evaporation data by Nmamade pan with class-a pan at national meteorological agency,
Ethiopia. The evaporation data at 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12: 00 and 15:00 UTC was obtained from
Adama Regional Meteorological center service from October 2017 to September 2018. The
correlation of observed evaporation data from ClassA Pan Evaporimeter showed satisfactory results in
statistical indices applied. Statistical indices as Bias, Correlation Coefficient, and standard error are able
to detect such errors, also noticeable by observing the bias graphs of the parameters. Therefore, the
mean bias ranged from -2.32 to 8.69, with a standard error ranged from 1.60 to 1.71 and as the
correlation coefficient results show higher correspondence with the ClassA Pan Evaporation data.

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